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We always serve seasonal food, the simplest way of  being sustainable.

We aim to buy as much local and British produce as possible to cut down on our carbon footprint.

We have a great vegan menu to take you through weeks of beautiful nourishing food. If you only want a Meat free Monday we are happy to cater for that too.We offer lots of healthy chicken and fish dishes but we try to avoid beef. Beef production is one of the main contributors to climate change, and for reference, chicken and turkey production impacts 80% less on the environment

Our eggs are always free range and organic.


We are offering you a refillable fresh water filter tank. Ask your crew to bring their own re-usable bottles. We do not provide bottled water or straws.

We use certified compostable disposables for from Vegware that you recycled with your food waste. We use a commercial food waste recycling facility that can break down paper and cornstarch.

Vegware cups, cutlery, lunchboxes, plates and bowls all go in the food recycling bin that we will bring with us, and take care of at the end of the day.

Our kitchen is powered by Ecotricity, 100% green renewable electricity and green frack free gas.

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