Choose 1 option per day

Breakfast Bites

Egg and Bacon rolls, Cream Cheese and Smoked Salmon Bagels,

Vegan Avocado salad sandwich
Selection croissants and pastries
Yoghurt granola honey pots

Seasonal fruit bowl
Apple and orange juice


 English breakfast


Bacon and sausage, roast tomatoes, mushrooms,

homemade baked beans, soft boiled eggs and avocado
Yoghurt granola honey pots
Apple and orange juice


Roast tomatoes, mushrooms, grilled peppers, sautéed spinach,

homemade baked beans, avocado, hummus and pickles
Porridge with nuts and berries

Seasonal fruit bowl
Apple and orange juice


Refried black beans, chorizo, roasted peppers, cherry tomatoes,

sweet potato wedges, avocado, eggs, chilli, coriander and lime

Vegan version: Marinated spiced tofu, Porridge pots with nuts and berries

Yoghurt granola honey pots

Seasonal fruit bowl

Apple and orange juice



Smoked salmon and soft-boiled eggs,

avocado, sautéed spinach,
Yoghurt granola honey pots

Seasonal fruit bowl
Apple and orange juice





                                    LUNCH MENU

Choose 1 option per day

All menus cater for gluten and dairy intolerance,

and comes with a vegan main dish

Each crew member will get a generous main course box, and a salad box.

Menu A

Lemon and thyme roast Chicken

Vegan Freekeh bean cakes

Potato salad and Tzatsiki
Quinoa with roast vegetables

Charred Broccoli

Kale and cabbage coleslaw
Green salad


Menu B

Katsu Chicken Curry with Jasmine rice, fresh chilli, lime and coriander

Vegan marinated Panko tofu

Green beans with soy and sesame dressing

Squash in Dashi broth

Fresh pickled cucumber salad

Rainbow slaw

Green salad

*We will offer gluten free corn flour tofu and chicken if gluten intolerant


Menu C

Moroccan Turkey Meatballs
Vegan Tagine and Lemon herb couscous
Halloumi, figs salad with kale and crunchy seeds
Char grilled broccoli and cauliflower with garlic and chili

Green leaves with a citrus dressing

*We will offer rice if gluten intolerant


Menu D

Chipotle Slow Cooked Pulled Pork

Vegan Chilli and rice

Sweet potato and  black bean stew
Corn on the cobs
Kale with garlic and chilli

Sides of Guacamole, salsa, sour cream

Green leaves with a citrus dressing



Jerk Chicken

Vegan Black-eyed pea curry

Vegan Butternut Squash  and vegetable curry

Rice and peas
Corn on the cob,

Mango salsa, Coleslaw,

Quick pickled cucumber

Green salad



Menu F

Grilled Salmon with a soy and honey glaze

Basmati Rice

Vegan grilled butternut squash with ginger tomatoes, lime

Black Quinoa, watermelon and feta salad

Swiss chard and garlicky green beans

Green leaves with a citrus dressing


Menu G

Devilled Mackerel, baked and smoked mackerel, curried and slightly spicy

Potato black olive and lemon crush

Vegan Polenta cake and Ajvar dressing

Baked beetroot dill and capers
Mint pea and green bean salad
Green salad


Menu H

Fish pie, Hake in dill sauce with creamy mashed potato

Vegan Spinach pie

Puy lentil salad with roast, kale

Charred asparagus and cucumber

Rainbow slaw

Watercress and radish salad



Menu I

Miso glazed aubergine

Sesame marinated tofu

Jasmine rice with coriander, lime and chilli
Pak choi and tender stem broccoli
Pickled ginger, bean sprout and carrot ribbon

Green salad


Menu J

Mushroom Risotto

Bread salad with kale, pine nuts and roast lemon

Tomato salad with dill and capers

Shaved Courgette and fennel salad

Swiss chard and garlicky green beans

Green leaves with a citrus dressing

Menu K

Charred spiced cauliflower with Tahini sauce

Hot Chickpea, spinach and red pepper salad

Pomegranate, Mint and Zucchini salad

Sumac Roasted Carrots with almonds and barley

Broccoli with hazelnuts and lemon
Green leaves with a citrus dressing


Salad, bread and butter

Vermicelli noodle salad with marinated tofu, chili, bean sprouts, carrot and cucumber ribbons

Roast cauliflower, croutons, kale, pine nuts, roast lemon

Quinoa salad with roasted veg and beets

Puy lentil salad with courgette, red peppers and spinach

Orzo pasta salad with tomato, olives, feta, parsley, pine nuts with Tahini vinaigrette

* X amount gluten free pasta and bread will be available


Frittata/ Tortilla, comes with a green salad

Broccoli and blue cheese

Courgette, Pea & feta

Potato & Caramelised onion


Assortment of sandwiches

Grilled veggie wrap with hummus

Cheese baguette with lettuce and tomato

Chicken salad sandwich


Note, you can move the dessert and pudding to be served with the Afternoon Tea



Filtered water, refillable 5 liter tank £10                       

Avoid plastic waste, ask your crew to bring their own refillable bottles


Filter Coffee machine and coffee, 50 cups £30       

Dairy milk,Oatly and sugar


Breakfast tea, green, mint, lemon and ginger, chai,  50 cups £15   

Dairy milk, Soya milk and honey


Breakfast only £15
Lunch only £20
Breakfast and Lunch £27/head                                              

Dessert £3/head               
Breakfast Lunch & Dessert, Afternoon tea £35/head

Afternoon tea, Savoury snack / salad with cake £15

Minimum order £300


Delivery is charged per drop, mileage calculated from E9 5LT

within 2 miles £10

between 2 – 5 miles £20

between 5 – 10 miles £35

Delivery exceeding 10 miles is quoted on enquiry

All prices are excluding VAT, please ask us for a quote at


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